Healthy Attachment for children is the natural but not automatic process of building an enduring, secure and reciprocal relationship with the child’s primary caregiver.

Early attachment in childhood has come to be seen as the basis of all human relationships and is now known to be key to development of a child’s self esteem, neurological development, resilience to trauma, self regulation, future relationships, intimacy and appropriate independence.

When something goes wrong with this attachment process it can leave the child very vulnerable and insecure, the child will find other ways of surviving in a frightening and confusing world, and this can result in behavioural and relationship problems, as well as developmental delay.

Educating families, support staff, schools, foster carers and adopters about the effects of unmet early attachment needs is an essential part of achieving good outcomes for these children and young people.

Positive Attachment provides bespoke attachment training and advice to a number of different organisations and education settings, and can also provide support and advice on individual cases.

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